New Innovative product!!

Dietary supplementary drinking product from

With 3 quality extracted of the bananas

sesame and oats. It makes our products Banana Powder Drink

and useful solutions for the most healthy.

  • Have high potassium

  • No cholesterol and no sodium salt

  • Strengthen the functioning of the digestive system

  • The natural aroma of banana

  • No preservative

  • Ideal for consumers of all ages

History of Homchan

We started development of our banana growers to grow naturally without fertilizers or pesticides to grow up

because our aim is for everyone to eat a banana without chemical residues and safety.

Taste of ripe banana and sweet and true, then we realized that the banana can bring added value by processing

we coordinate with the subject. Kasetsart University jointly developed and formulated powder Homchan.

Supplements for drink until the products are standard and nutritious

without sacrificing nutrition in its entirety as well as to consumers of all ages.

Without further additives .